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Lean shift scheduling as a team anytime and anywhere - without apps and sign-up! Easier and faster than Excel and WhatsApp.

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Relaxed Work. Anywhere.

You don't need an account and create your shifts and duties online. You receive a link via email with which you can reaccess your schedule.

Start Right Away. No Sign-Up Necessary.

Your team doesn't need any sign-up. Simply start with an email address or mobile phone number. The shift schedule is send as link via your group or list.

Your employees can subscribe to the shift schedule without signing up
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Dates for Everyone. Ultra Fast Notifications.

Your employees apply easily and fast to predefined shifts. You are notified for activity. You can see who already saw the shift schedule. If someone drops out you notify your team. Say goodbye to chaotic group chats!

Fair Pricing. Regardless of how many employees you have.

As Starter you schedule your shifts for free forever. Receive more services with tift Premium.

Independent of how many employees you have

  • Create shift schedule online
  • Share shift schedule with your team via links
  • Ask for dates off employees
  • Finalize shift schedule
  • Send mobile optimized shift schedule
  • Access shift schedule for 30 days

6 € / Month
Independent of how many employees you have

  • Fixed account with stored employees
  • Creation of schedules as templates
  • Duplication of schedules
  • Shift schedule accesible as long as you want
  • Notifications via social media/sms/email
  • No ads

A solution for you?

Come along and accompany us on our way to the most lean and mobile shift scheduling. Sign up and receive exclusive insights as well as test access before we publish the first official version.

  • No Data Kraken
  • No Setup
  • Fair Pricing
  • No Chat Chaos